Yr Body Is My Geometry

Single channel HD video, 5:15m, 2012, Music by Scott Moore

A dichotomous relationship is set up between the artist and her model, impenetrably connected through the surface of the mirror.

natural woman

Single Channel HD Video, 3:19m, 2014-2015, Music by Scott Moore 

The artist seduces a classical torso, digs out his heart and extricates herself from his grip. 

I to I (clip)

Two-channel HD video, 5:10m, 2014, Audio by Michael Perkins

The artist is transformed into a classical bust and subsequently destroys her image.

Sole Archaeologist

Single Channel HD Video, 4:25m, 2015 (with subwoofer)

The artist fondles and caresses fragments of classical sculpture. 

Primordial Mirror (clip)

3-channel video, 8:00m, 2013-2014, Music by Michael Perkins

The artist descends into a murky abyss to endure a series of physical transformations.

Mirror Me

Single Channel HD Video, 2:19m, 2011, Music by Paul Reller

A man and his reflection inhale and exhale gradually, racing inevitably to a climactic speed.